A* pahtfinding


Yesterday I left the laptop from my work at my desktop… so I wasn’t able to do anything at all :(. But I was reading and learning about A* pathfinding in my wife’s laptop. At the moment I thought it was going to be extremely faster than Djikstra’s algorithm.

Or maybe I don’t know how to measure the time it takes to the laptop to process both or what, but both of them takes les than 0,001 seconds to find the route.. and that bothers me really xD. Even though the A* SEEMS to me like it takes lesser time.

I put a lot of effort to understand the A*, thinking it was going to be faster by a good % .. but it wasn’t. The implementation was a little bit harder than I expected, had to try multiple times to fix it for me and for understanding everything. This web and post was amazing, can’t explain how much does it helped me.


Now I wanted to share some of the pending things to do



We can remove the pathfinding stuff about A* I guess.. it’s just I’m not happy enough with the result…

We will leave just right there by now the A* and I’m going to work on the enemy AI.

I need to think on how to implement it as well, as a different class? how do I call it? As a state from a property in the unit?

As soon I decided something I will post in here, by now I’m going to do some test with the AI.


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